They Pulled This Wolf Out Of An Icy River. What Followed Will Bring You To Tears

Published on May 3, 2015

Wolfs are resilient creatures that can adapt to nearly any situation. That’s why rescuers were surprised to find a trapped wolf in an icy river in Italy. When they pulled the animal out of the water, he was in the verge of death, suffering from severe hypothermia and his limbs paralyzed. As soon as they pulled the wolf out of the river, his heart stopped. What ensued next had me crying like a baby.

Fearing they were losing the injured animal, the caring humans quickly assisted the wolf by providing CPR on site. Thankfully, the animal slowly started to breath, then was rushed to the hospital where doctors made a shocking discovery: His body was riddled with lead pellets. The wolf had been shot 35 times. But after it received two weeks of intensive care, the wolf was able to walk again, surprising doctors and rescuers. This is nothing short of a miracle.

The video below shows the dramatic rescue. Please click the close captioning button (CC) for English subtitles.

I was touched by these brave animal lovers and the effort they put into reviving this majestic beast. There’s nothing more inspiring than going the extra mile for an animal in need.

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