This Poor Sweet Dog Was Found Abandoned Inside a Tree Trunk. See How She Looks Now!

After being abandoned in the woods by her cruel former owner, this poor pooch took refuge in a hollow tree.

The dog, named Boo, was found in a remote part of Sonoma County, California, after authorities were alerted about her living in the hollow tree.

When rescuers found her they were sadden to see how frightened, lonely, and hungry this sweet dog was. While the tree protected her from the elements, it was clear that she was starving.

Photo: Screenshot

According to The DoDo, “it took about an hour for the two officers to entice the dog out of her hiding place, nudging her toward the entrance of the tree with a garden hose until she was close enough to be captured.”

The little dog was initially very wary of her rescuers, but after being fed and bathed, she started warming up to them.

While Boo is learning to trust humans again, she still has a long road ahead of her, but rescuers are hopeful that she can go on to live a happy life as a beloved pet in a forever home.

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H/T: The DoDo

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