This Poor Cat Was Victim of a Horrible Crime, But His Resilience Is Stronger Than The Criminal

Abusing an innocent animal is one of the most hideous crimes a human being can commit. But this is exactly what a woman did to a poor little cat named Emerson.

When this ten-year-old cat was brought into the Houlton Humane Society, a woman admitted to breaking the poor cat’s neck in a moment of rage. The reason for her horrible action? She said “the cat was annoying.”

The damage to his spinal cord left the poor creature paralyzed. His ribs were fractured, and on top of that, he was suffering from chemical burns on his feet. However, this brave feline didn’t give up.

The injury to his neck left him with a permanent head-tilt, so he can’t drink on his own.

Due to his spinal cord being severely injured, Emerson sits differently from most cats because his bottom half is completely paralyzed.

The Houlton Humane Society outfitted Emerson with a wheelchair to get him moving again.

Due to his condition, Emerson has to wear kitty diapers, and needs to receive fluids intravenously every day.

Amazingly, despite being crippled for life, emerson still loves humans and is learning how to enjoy life with his condition.

Wow! How can someone be so so heartless to a defenseless creature?

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