They Set Up a Camera In The Forest. What They See This Bird Doing is Mind-blowing

Published on May 6, 2015

When it comes to mimicking what they hear, some birds can be pretty amazing, but the one you’re about to see is noting less than mind-blowing.

Meet the lyrebird. Now prepare to be amazed. Not only was this bird born with a beautiful voice, but he uses those spectacular pipes to attract a mate by copying what he hears… everything he hears. In this video from BBC, this awesome male lyrebird wants to show off to a potential mate and performs an impressive number of sounds he hears in the forest.

At the 1:52 mark he mimics a camera shutter. At 2:20, he incorporates a car alarm. But the biggest shocker comes at 2:30 when he mimics the sounds of chainsaws cutting down trees. Watch:

I’ve seen some birds do amazing impressions of what they hear, like this parrot who “Praises The Lord”, but the Lyrebird is on a league of its own.

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