She Hugs This Abused Pit Bull, But When He Turns Around, I Cried

Published on May 8, 2015

Saying the word ‘Pit Bull’ often triggers negative reactions. The people’s perception of these dogs has, unfortunately, been affected by negative media and pop culture portrayal of Pit Bull dogs.

But those familiar with Pit Bulls frequently speak of their loving and positive experiences with these dogs.

Due to their undeserved reputation, these creatures are often trained as fighter dogs by cruel individuals who want to make a profit in illegal rings.

For this fights, a bait dog is used as a punching bag to make fighting dogs more aggressive. The video below tells the story of a precious Pit Bull who was being used for that purpose. His amazing rescue and recovery brought tears to my eyes.

Because of stories like this, many pet lovers and advocates are joining forces to stop this illegal activity and tell the more positive side of Pit Bulls, and they’re working to inform the public about the facts relating to these wonderful dogs.

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