She Sent a Facebook Message And Accidentally Uncovered a Terrifying Secret

Published on May 8, 2015

More than twenty women are trying to solve a terrifying mystery after a Facebook message from last September triggered a probe into whether a St. Louis hospital repeatedly told them their newborns had died before selling them or giving them up for adoption, reported CBS News

The women share strikingly similar stories: All them were black and poor, most of them ages 15 to 20 who gave birth between the 1950s and the late 1970s at Homer G. Phillips hospital.

The women were told by nurses that their babies had died. However, none of them were allowed to see their babies nor obtain a death certificate. Now, decades later, they have reason to demand an investigation.

St. Louis officials said Tuesday that “there are likely many more women with similar stories.” So they have set up a phone line to begin taking calls from women who suspect that their stories fit this horrific pattern.

The women reached out to authorities after hearing the story of Jackson Price’s reunion with her daughter last week. The video below produced by CBS reports on the emotional reunion fueling their suspicions.

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