Something Caused His Eyes To Change Color. What Doctors Found Left Them Stunned

Published on May 8, 2015

An American doctor who was treated for Ebola in Atlanta last year and then declared free of the virus had no idea why his eyes were changing color. What doctors found is shocking.

After being released from the hospital two months ago, Dr. Ian Crozier experienced a piercing pain in his left eye, reported CCN. His vision decreased while the pressure in his eye elevated.

Doctors stuck a needle in his eye and removed some fluid. After repeated tests, doctors discovered the virus was still living in his eye, according to the report.

His case left doctors stunned and stated the need for testing all Ebola survivors.

While the intensity of the Ebola epidemic has decrease, a few people are still being infected every week. According to heath officials, more than 10,000 have died, mostly in the West African nations of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

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