He Walks The Streets Carrying a Black Bag. What Is Inside, Incredible!

By the time the sun goes down, most people in Minneapolis are winding down after a long day at work. But for Allan Law, theres not such thing as “winding down”, for he’s in a mission that requires him to work both day and night.

From an early age Allan figured out that he was put on this earth to help others. That’s precisely what he’s doing.

When the night falls, this retired professor heads out in his minivan, adorned with the number 363 on the side, to deliver goods for those who are less fortunate. He is known around Minneapolis as the “Sandwich Man.”

When asked about the insignia on the side of his vehicle, he said “363 represents the number of days a year that people don’t think about the homeless.” But with 17 freezers in his living room to store his sandwiches, and his minivan, he’s on a mission to end that.

It’s so refreshing to see this selfless act of kindness. We at Tabooya love sharing stories like this. We hope “The Sandwich Man” inspires all to do more for those in need.

If you love what this man is doing, please help spread the word and share his kindness with your friends and family!

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