This 90-Year-Old Woman Has Served Others For 70 Years, But When They Do THIS, She Cried

Florence “Seesee” Rigney was only 20 years old when she started working as a student nurse at the Tacoma General School of Nursing. The year was 1946 and the job was her lifelong dream. Flu vaccines were a new phenomenon at the time and penicillin had recently become widely available. Exiting times!

Now 90, Rigney still works as a nurse at the same place she started almost 70 years ago, Tacoma General Hospital.

This inspiring woman celebrated her 90th birthday on May 8, and the hospital wanted to let her know how much they appreciate her tireless and exemplary dedication.

In the video below, colleagues surprise Rigney with a birthday celebration on her special day, adorning her with a glittery crown and pink sash. In a touching moment, one of her colleagues reads a special letter that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee had written in Rigney’s honor.

Rigney thanked her colleagues for their warm wishes, understandably emotional, as they all cheered and embraced her. “I know I’m a pain in the you-know-what,” she joked. “Thank you all.”

Thank you “Seesee” for all the lives you’ve touched during your long career as a nurse. And Happy Birthday!!

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