Terrified Pit Bull Turns Into A Bundle Of Love After Nail-Biting Rescue

Published on May 12, 2015

While preparing up a bulldozer for excavation, workers discovered this poor pit bull named Thor hiding amid piles of trash at their facility. Not only the scared dog was in bad condition, he was in a potentially dangerous place. But the workers knew who to call for help.

Eldad Hagar, from Hope for Paws, rushed to the facility to save the dog. But the pit bull was so frightened that he kept running away, precariously bounding over loose trash heaps. The operation turned into one of the most nail-biting rescues I’ve ever seen.

With a bit of patience and lots of tender loving care, this adorable pit bull has transformed from a terrified pooch into a big bundle of loving joy. Currently, Thor is living with a foster family organized by LA Animal Rescue and is looking for a forever home.

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