After Arresting Drug Addicts, These Cops Are Doing The Unthinkable

The war on drugs has been America’s most destructive policy. Millions of lives destroyed by an incarceration rate that can only be compared to the German Nazi camps during WWII. This policy has also fueled the drug cartels violence that has taken so many young lives. But this Massachusetts police department has vowed to break this vicious cycle by doing something that has never been done before in the U.S.

Recognizing that addiction is a disease that requires treatment, not punishment, the Gloucester Police Department is now offering anyone who approaches the force with on-the-spot help, reported the Washington Post.

According to the report, the department’s unconventional policy developed out of a recent city forum aimed at addressing the local drug crisis.

In the video below, police chief Leonard Campanello told WCVB-5 that “addicts who voluntarily turn themselves in won’t be arrested as long as they agree to get treatment.” They will immediately be assigned an “angel” who will help guide them through the process.

The Post reports that Lahey Hospital and Medical Center and Addison Gilbert Hospital have partnered with the department to help fast track anyone who seeks rehabilitation byway of the police department. Additionally, a number of pharmacies have agreed to offer up Narcan at little or no cost, regardless of customers’ insurance plans.

The department said “it will pay the costs of the drug for people without insurance using money seized during drug investigations.”

This is far less expensive and more effective than throwing people in jail. What do you think? please chm on Facebook or let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

H/T: The Huffington Post, ABC’s WCVB-5

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