How To Stop Migraine In A Second With This Common Household Product

For people suffering from migraine, finding ways to get rid of the distressing pain can be a challenge. Some kind of migraines are so severe that can’t be stopped with ordinary painkillers.

Living with this condition, I think I have tried every single way I have known and pretty much everything I’ve heard and read about it just so I can stop the pain or at least reduce it. Luckily, after many failed attempts, I found out about a very cheap and effective way to stop the awful pain caused by migraine. Crystal salt.

According to Daily Nutrition, “there are 118 elements known in science today and crystal salt contains 84 of them. This salt stops migraine by simply reducing the intensity of the pain, making our immune system stronger by giving balance to the production of hormone called serotonin, which also results in increased energy levels. Another benefit of crystal salt is that it increases the presence of alkaline and electrolytes in our body system by keeping things in balance.”

If you decide to use salt to stop the pain caused by migraine, simply pour lemon juice in a glass (one lemon), add one teaspoon crystal salt in it and drink it! That easy!

To start, you can try with a small amount by squeezing only half a lemon first and adding 1/2 teaspoon of this salt. It really does work incredibly for most people, and I hope it works for you too!

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