An Evil Man Shot This Bald Eagle's Beak, What They Do To Her Next Will Shock You

Published on May 21, 2015

Someone said that “American bald eagles are like great leaders. They don’t flock. They fly high one at the time.” That’s why there is perhaps no symbol, other than the American flag, more synonymous with the United States than the American bald eagle.

I was shocked when I came across the story of Beauty, an American bald eagle. Her name cannot disguise the ugliness of what happened to her. Beauty was tragically shot in the face by one evil human who left her for dead.

With most of her beak gone, this brave eagle didn’t give up and was later rescued by Jane Cantwell, a raptor rehabilitator. What followed is a true example or resilience, and nothing short of a miracle.

The story of Beauty is one of love and respect for the creatures of this earth, and triumph of good over evil. I hope that whoever shot at Beauty realizes the error of their ways, and never tries to do something this evil again.

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