Marine Asked Friend to Watch Home. What His Friend Does to The House? Unbelievable!

Published on May 28, 2015

When Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo and his wife were finally able to buy a house in Suisun City, California, they were thrilled. While the house was a major fixer-upper, that’s all they could afford.

Most recently, he and his family were stationed in Japan. Before they left, Jacinto asked a Marine buddy named Jeremy Epperson to keep an eye on the house for him. But when he returned home, he found out Jeremy did something totally unexpected.

Jacinto and his wife walked into the house and what they saw brought them to tears. Jeremy had raised the money while they were gone, and did $70,000 worth of renovations on it.

The video below, posted by ABC, shows Jacinto’s reaction to his fellow Marine’s amazing act of kindness.

What a great friend! If you were moved by Mr. Epperson’s selfless act of kindness, please share this story with friends and family!

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