Scientists Puzzled By Strange Blue Spots On Mars. Is it Water?

A newly released photograph from Mars, showing strange blue spots that look like liquid water, has astronomers scratching their heads.

The startling image, just released by the European Space Agency, was taken by an orbiter flying over the Arabia Terra region of Mars. A dense patchwork of ancient impact craters can be seen below –– some of them showing reflective blue spots.

Could this be water? The space agency claims the blue spots are just the product of the image processor, adding that while water is known to exist on Mars, it’s all frozen solid. But the possible exception of transient melting is very real, according to scientists.

The image was taken on Nov. 19, 2014, but it was just now released to the public. It makes you wonder, if these agencies can keep information secret until they feel it’s ok to release it to the public, what else could they be holding?

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