Eternal Life On Earth Possible By Uploading Human Brain, Scientist claims

The desire to live forever is embedded in the human DNA. Our instinct of self-preservation is a direct result of this insatiable passion for life. But according to the Bible, no one can live forever unless he dies first.

However, no matter how strong your faith is, no one wants to die. Jesus himself prayed to God to let “this cup pass” before Now scientists claim to have found a way to eternal life on earth.

During an event in Wales, UK this weekend, a popular Cambridge neuroscientist claimed that People could “live forever” by turning their brain into a program code that can be “uploaded to a machine,” The Telegraph reports.

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“It would be possible to recreate the brain as a computer program if you had a computer that could make those 100 trillion circuit connections – then that circuit is what makes us us,” the neuroscientist claimed.

Describing the brain as a complex circuit board, Critchlow told reporters that “although the human brain is enormously complex, scientists are beginning to better understand its separate parts’ functions.”

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