It Doesn't Seem Like a Criminal Act, But What These Kids Are Doing Got Their Parents In Trouble

When parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv let their 10-year-old walk their 6-year-old for two blocks to the park in April 2015, it didn’t seem to them like a criminal act. But within minutes of arriving at the park, the children were taken into protective custody, and authorities wouldn’t release them for over five hours.

The Silver Spring, Maryland, couple was accused of child neglect for the amount of freedom they give their kids.

By letting their children walk to the park alone, the Meitivs are “trying to teach their kids to be self-sufficient in a way they feel is right.” But that decision got them in trouble with the law.

Child Protective Services said they would “file charges and send the children into foster homes unless the Meitivs made a legal commitment to always watch over their children.”

Maryland state law states that children under 8 must be accompanied by a person of at least 13. “It’s on the books to protect young children who may otherwise lack proper adult supervision,” authorities said.

While the safety of our children is paramount, this case raises several important questions: When our kids finally emerge from our careful protection, will it be as fearful, hesitant people or as life-embracing adults?

Watch the entire story in the news report by The Washington Post below.

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H/T: The Washington Post

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