Here's One Really Good Reason To Ditch Your High Heels

Ladies love high heels. They are sexy, beautiful, sophisticated… but an actual pain for those who wear hem. And that last attribute may be the reason behind a new study that may change the way women think about high heels.

Last month, a new study published in The Journal Of Foot And Ankle Surgery, reveals that an estimated 14,140 high heel-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms in 2012. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham expected the number of injuries to increase this year, reported The Huffington Post.

You may think these injuries would only happen at a party, or probably walking down a rocky street. But the study reveals that almost half of high heel injuries happen inside the home, according to Mashable. In other words, you now have yet another excuse to be as comfortable as possible when you’re hanging out at home.

The video below from HappyFeetPrettyFeet offers some eye-opening advise on the topic.

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H/T: Huffington Post, Mashable

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