Doctors Gave Up And Removed Life Support. What Happened Next Gave Them All Goosebumps

After a tragic accident left her in a coma, 14-year-old Taylor Hale was pronounced brain-dead by her doctors. But they couldn’t explain what happened next.

Taylor was injured when she and a friend of hers sat on the hood of a car trying to get a boy not to leave a post-football game party. But as he began to pull away, Taylor fell off and hit her head hard on the pavement, knocking her unconscious.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors discovered she had sustained a traumatic brain injury. After placing her in a medically induced coma, doctors worked tirelessly to save Taylor, but she was unresponsive. Despite the sense of loss, Taylor’s family never gave up hope.

Later that afternoon, doctors pronounced her brain-dead and ordered life support to be removed. But then something unexpected happened that shocked everyone: she began to struggle to breathe on her own.

“God had other plans” Taylor’s family said. Instead of making preparations for her funeral, they started praying for her return home. Doctors had no explanation.

Fox news picked up the story in the video below:

What an amazing story. A miraculous recovery indeed. What do you think? Please share your feelings in the comments section below, and with your friends on Facebook.

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