They Found a Door On The Wall Of This Hillside. When Reporters Go Inside, I Was In Awe

It’s common knowledge that many species live underground. From tiny insects such ants to some mammals like possums and rabbits, they find underground practical and secure. But I never heard of an entire community of humans living in such enclave… until now.

Enters Coober Pedy, a small town in northern South Australia like no other on earth. On the surface, the place looks pretty deserted.

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Then there’s a strange door on the walls of the hillside. But walk in and you’ll be blown away by what you’ll see inside.

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An entire underground community with spacious caves and tunnels where residents have built homes, bookstores, hotels, restaurants, bars, churches and other amenities.

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Coober Pedy was established in 1915 as an opal mining town and is now home to nearly 2,000 people.

If you happen to drive nearby, you will miss it if you don’t look carefully.

Watch the video below, and please share if you are impressed by this unique town.

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