This Couple Dream Prom Comes True 66 Years Later

Ralph Wozniak, a WWII veteran and his wife LaVerne never got a chance to go to prom when they attended high school in the 1940s. But after 66 years, the loving finally got their prom dance last week at a local senior prom.

The happy couple attended the Hillsborough County Aging Services Senior Prom last week, where Ralph was even crowned prom king.

Ralph left his high school, enlisted in the Marine Corps and served in World War II overseas, missing his prom. LaVerne, who attended a different high school, also missed out because her school didn’t hold a prom during the war. They married in 1949 in Milwaukee.

“It was a dream come true,” LaVerne told reporters. “It gave the people of our age the feeling of being young again,” she added.

What a wonderful couple! We’re so glad they made their wish came true. Please share!

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