Homeless Man Sits At a Public Piano, Then Blows Us Away With His Moving Performance

If there ever was a moment that exemplifies the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, this is it. People across the Internet are mesmerized by one homeless man’s amazing musical skills, and you’ll see why.

In the clip below, Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless veteran, was seen playing a moving cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” on a public piano that was placed in Sarasota, Florida. The moving performance was caught on camera and quickly went viral after being uploaded to Youtube.

When he was younger, Gould played clarinet for the Marine Corps, according to media reports. “After his service, he attended college in Michigan to study music education, however he ran out of money before he could finish. He worked several jobs and started a family, but his life changed when his wife died in 1998.”

With his new internet fame, things may be looking up for Gould. Someone who saw the video reached out to local restaurant Surf Shack, which offered to allow the 51-year-old try out for a position as a possible act for their bar, WWSB reported.

Watch Gould’s mesmerizing cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” in the video below.

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