Image Of Child Found Dead In Trash Bag Near Boston Moves Millions

She is known only as “Baby Doe” and believed to be about 4 years old. An innocent little girl with expressive brown eyes, long brown hair and chubby cheeks. Nearly two weeks after her remains were found on a Boston Harbor beach, the computer-generated image has reached over 50 million people on Facebook as investigators try to identity the child’s remains.

The mystery of “Baby Doe” began on June 25, when a woman walking her dog on the western shore of Deer Island called 911 and reported finding a trash bag containing the girl’s body. The child was wearing white leggings with black polka dots, according to media reports.

Police is asking the public for help in identifying the girl. Using photos of her remains, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created a composite image (below) of what the girl may have looked like when she was alive.

“We ask the parents or caregivers of this young girl to please step forward and clear your conscience,” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said at a news conference.

Investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine whether the girl was poisoned or ingested drugs before her death, Conley said in the ABC News report below

Authorities are astonished by the attention the image received, and encourage the community to continue to share the image until they’re able to solve the mystery.

This story hit us to the core. We hope she can be identified and the person responsible for her death can be brought to justice. Please pass it on!

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