Seal Tries To Feed Diver She Thought Needed Help

Wild animals are majestic, beautiful, unpredictable. And while they may be dangerous, sometimes they surprise us with their fascinating behavior.

In this video, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen shares his amazing experience when he found himself face-to-face with a huge female leopard seal while filming predators in the Zodiac in Antarctica. Knowing that leopard seals are fierce predators, Nicklen feared for his life when he saw the animal approached him with open mouth. But the animal did something that left him mystified.

Instead of seeing him as a threat or a potential meal, the leopard seal saw Nicklen as someone that needed help, and she was trying to take him under her wing.

Her attitude towards him is truly intriguing. She doesn’t appear to feel any compassion for the penguins she brings him, so her motives for helping him are a mystery.

Regardless of the reason, this encounter seems to show that these huge and fierce animals are capable of showing a level of compassion that goes beyond human comprehension.

One thing is for sure, being able to get this close to an animal such as this and walk away with an amazing story to tell is quite remarkable.

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