These Siblings Have Not Seen Each Other In 37 Years. Reunite After Discovering They're Both Naval Officers

We’ve seen stories of siblings reunion after a long time of being separated, but what happens in this story left me with chills running down my spine.

Cindy Murray, a naval Cmdr in the United States Navy has spent nearly the last four decades trying to find her younger brother, Robert Williamson.

Cindy and Robert grew up in Denver, CO, but have different mothers and were raised separately. When Cindy was about 14 years old, her mother separated from her father, who left town with little Robert. It would be the last time she’d see her 6-year-old half-brother until a strange coincidence brought them together almost four decades later.

Cindy and Robert. Photo: Video Frame

Cindy was able to track down her father and learned the shocking fate of the brother she last saw a lifetime ago.

The video below, posted by KGTV San Diego, tells the heartwarming story of these long-lost siblings and how Cindy’s perseverance paid off when she finally reunite with her brother.

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