Great White Shark Struggles To Get Bak In The Water. Now Watch What This Man's Reaction

Published on Jul 16, 2015

Great white sharks are the most feared creatures swimming in the ocean. But when a young white shark got stranded on a Cape Cod beach, beachgoers stepped into actin to save the majestic creature.

The 7-foot male shark got stuck Monday while chasing seagulls near South Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts, as the tide went out.

Thankfully, Beachgoers kept the shark wet by splashing it with buckets of water until officials attached a line to its rear caudal fin and pulled it back into open waters after being tagged by a state shark scientist.

For a moment, the shark appeared dead, but once they took him into deep waters, “the animal started moving again,” they said.

We love sharing acts of kindness to animals. While sharks are the most dangerous creatures in the water, they are greatly misunderstood, and we’re glad this young shark was saved.

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