Country Singer Blasts ‘Straight, White, Christian Males’ Who Lack 'Empathy And Kindness'

Political correctness has been both hailed as a civil right tool to protect the oppressed, and vilified as way to suppress freedom of speech. But for Country singer Chely Wright, ‘political correctness’ is about ‘compassion.’

Wright has set an internet storm after using her Facebook page on Tuesday to lash out at “straight, white, Christian males” who complain that “political correctness is rampant and ridiculous,” suggesting that these men appear to lack “empathy and kindness.”

The singer, who has achieved great success in the music industry, shocked fans when she revealed that she was gay during and interview with Current TV in 2012.

In her Facebook post she wrote: “Something I’ve noticed on social media is that those who continually mock and complain that ‘political correctness is rampant and ridiculous– yada yada yada’ are most always straight, white, Christian males. They’re people who’ve never had to rely on others to speak up for them to protect and correct systemic injustices that society has leveled upon them.”

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