Woman Suing Arizona Police After Cops Break Into Her Home, Handcuff Her While She is Naked

In a scene that looks out of a nightmare, two Arizona police officers illegally broke into the home of a showering woman and handcuffed her while she was naked.

The incident took place after two Chandler police officers arrived at the home of Elmerelda Rossi to investigate a domestic disturbance call because she had an argument with her estranged husband, reported ABC 15.

The victim was showering when two Chandler police officers arrived at her home. Rossi immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself before answering. She asked the officers to wait at the door so she could get dressed and get a cell phone to record the encounter. But as she walked back to her room, things took a bad turn.

“I start to walk into my living room, I probably get maybe five steps in, and all of the sudden I just hear boots running in after me, telling me, ‘stop or I’ll arrest you,’” she told ABC 15.

The horrifying incident was caught on video by Rossi’s daughter. You can hear the woman screaming as the officer tries to arrest her while she is naked.

“Don’t touch me, please!,” she begs the officer. “Don’t take the attitude with cops, because we don’t play,” the officer yells as she sobs. “When a cop shows up, you’re not the one in charge. I don’t care if this is your house. You understand me?,” he says.

Because of this powerful evidence, the arresting officer, Doug Rose, was forced to retire after an internal investigation found Rose entered Rossi’s home illegally, unlawful arrest, and destroying footage from his body camera. He hasn’t been disciplined or charged with a crime, according to the station.

Rossi, who was never charged with a crime, has filed a lawsuit, according to the ABC 15. The report below includes footage of the incident.

What do you think? Should the officer face justice for this crime? Please share your feelings in the comment section below.

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