This Old Man Is Always Angry, But When His Son Said THIS… So Many Tears!

Having a home of your own is everyone’s desire, and the moment you hold the keys to your own place is really amazing. But when that moment comes when you least expect it, it can be overwhelming.

In the latest episode of the real-life Youtube Series ‘The Angry Grandpa Show’ featuring 64-year-old Charles Green, a volatile grandfather and his prankster son, Michael, the grandpa got an emotional surprise that made his life a bit happier.

While the Internet is used to the toy-room-destroying, guitar-smashing Angry Grandpa, in the clip below, the old man’s attitude got a bit nicer. Here, he is led to believe that Michael and his girlfriend are looking at the house for themselves. But when Michael hands over the keys tells him that this house is actually for him, the usually ‘angry grandpa’ becomes emotional and tears of joy break loose. Watch:

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