Looking Down at Your Cell Phone May Damage Your Spine, Study Suggests

Nowadays, our cell phones and tablets have become an extension of our bodies. They go everywhere we go and have transformed the way we hold our bodies —unfortunately, not for the better.

Looking down at your device is like having an eight-year old sitting on your head while you’re standing trying to read your text messages, according to a spine surgeon. Sadly, the average person spends two to four hours a day in this position.

“Having that amount of force on your neck and spine isn’t good for your health,” says Dr. Ainsworth. Good posture is having your ears aligned with the shoulders and your shoulder blades back. This lowers body stress and decreases cortisol. Poor posture, on the other hand, stresses the spine and can lead to early wear, tear, generation, and maybe surgery.

To get into proper posture, extend your arms to the sides and then rotating your palms upward. This rolls your shoulders back and then you can bend your elbows to type at the keyboard or hold your phone or tablet up in front of your face.

In the video below, Dr. Ainsworth explains the correct neck posture while looking at your cell phone.

Since watching this video, I’ve been trying this every day, and it feels much better than slouching. Please share with your friends and family on Facebook!

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