He Blew Us Away With His Talent, But What He Did Now Will Inspire You

When a video of a homeless man from Sarasota, Florida, playing a cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” on a public piano went viral earlier this month, his immense popularity led him to something he has been longing for a long time: To reunite with his long-lost family.

Donald Gould, the 51-year-old homeless man, lost custody of Donny when the child was 3 years old due to his struggle with substance abuse. But he hoped that his son would see the video, WFLA reported.

Fortunately, thanks to the work of local TV stations WFLA and WOOD, Gould and his son, who’s now 18 years old and living in Michigan, chatted over FaceTime last Tuesday. It was the first time they had seen one another in about 15 years, according to the station.

“I missed your whole childhood, you know, and I apologize for that, son,” Gould told WFLA in the video below:

What a wonderful reunion. We hope Mr. Gould can find a path to recovery and stay close to his family. Please share if you were touched by this heartwarming story.

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