Look At What Scientists Just Found: The Most Adorable Sea Creature You'll Ever See

Nature is just full of wonders, and when it comes to ocean creatures, nature has infinite ways to amaze us. Just look at this adorable sheep-looking sea slug that eat so much algae that it can photosynthesize.

Called Costasiella kuroshimae –– or ‘Leaf Sheep’, this beautiful little sea creature, with beady eyes and cute feelers that make it look like a ‘sea bunny’, can grow up to 5mm, so to really appreciate its beauty, you need to get really close. Thankfully, these pictures won’t disappoint you.

They love to eat algae they and absorb them into their own bodies in a process called kleptoplasty, according to ‘Bore panda.‘

These little ‘Leaf Sheep’ cover an extensive habitat from Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

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Image credits: Jim Lynn, Randi Ang, Johnny Chiu, Lynn Wu

H/T: Bore Panda

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