Woman Walking With Her Dog Finds A Note On The Beach. Its Message? MIND-BLOWING!

The year was 1975. It was a beautiful summer day in Port Townsend, WA. when Susan Cordell and a friend decided to write a note on a waiter’s Guest Check book, stick it in a green glass bottle and send it out to sea. Never expecting a response, they forgot all about it and moved on with their lives. But 40 year later, the message made it back in the most amazing way.

Earlier this year, a woman named Mikki Stazel was walking her dog on a beach in Alaska, about 1,000 miles away from Port Townsend, when she came across green bottle with a note inside. She broke the bottle and was amazed to find a message inside. It was Susan’s message.

A bottle surviving four decades traveling thousands of miles over the ocean sounds almost too good to be true, right? That’s what Susan Cordell probably thought when she received a message from a stranger stating she found the note she wrote 40 years ago when she was just a child.

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