Watch Indian's Got Talent Incredible Dancing Performance

We’ve all seen videos of amazing dancing performances. But watching this incredible, jaw-dropping performance at India’s Got Talent will really capture all your senses. It’s absolutely fantastic!

If you have watched ‘Dancing With The Stars’, you probably think you’ve seen it all, but trust me, this mesmerizing dancing duo, Sonali Majumdar and Maraju Sumanth, just set the dancing standard to a whole new level.

In the clip below, from a recent episode on India’s Got Talent, 7-year-old Sonali and 13-year-old Maraju blew away the entire audience with a performance that was off the charts. The second they touch down on stage, they explode into a flurry of acrobatic moves that will leave you in awe.

Wow! I’m amazed they didn’t fall over from dizziness! Let us know what you think of their performance, and please share if you like this quick-footed pair.

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