11-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out Before Killed. Her Last Words Crushed My Heart

Every child deserves to grow in a safe environment, free to spend their time learning, playing, day-dreaming a future according to their desires. However, in some parts of the world, childhood can be living hell, as it was the case of 11-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal.

Like any child her age, all Nada wanted was to be a normal child, to learn and grow to be the person the always dreamed to be. But in the summer of 2013 her childhood was cut short. Nada ran away after learning that her mother planned to force her into marrying an old man.

In the chilling clip below, Nada speaks out about her ordeal. She begins by thanking God and the people who helped her make this video, and you. What she revealed next made my heart sank deep into my chest. According to media reports, nada was killed just hours after this video was recorded. How can people be so cruel?

I’m speechless. How can people be so cruel to a child? I hope one day they face justice for what they did to this child.

Please spread the word to bring awareness to this heinous crime.

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