There Are 36 Million Slaves In The World, Report Says

When we think of slavery, we picture something of the past, a dark period in human history when human beings were sold and forced to endure long hours of servitude without pay. Unfortunately, this inhumane practice still exists today, according to a new report by The U.S. State Department.

The disturbing data shows that 20 to 26 million people live under slavery condition in the world today. And, as in the past, it’s a booming, profitable business. Human trafficking generates 150 billion in illegal profits each year. People are sold and forced to work against their will. Those who refuse are killed and buried in mass graves.

Washington accused Russia and Thailand of failing to tackle human trafficking, while praising progress in Malaysia and Cuba, in a report on a global scourge decried as “modern slavery.”

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Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Zimbabwe and others joined Russia and Thailand at the bottom of an annual ranking, according to the 382-page report.

Now 188 countries are joining effort to eradicate human trafficking, according to a CNN report –– below.

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