Divers Stumble Across This Mysterious 'Thing' Deep Under Water – VIDEO

A group of divers stumbled across a rarely seen phenomenon while underwater off the coast of Turkey. They encountered a never-seen-before translucent blob about the size of a car and captured it on video. Scientists have not been able to identify the blob and have opted for calling it ‘the thing.’

The mysterious blob felt “very soft and appeared “gelatinous,” one of the divers told reporters. From afar, the mass looked almost invisible, but up close, the group could see countless dots of something held within the 14-foot sphere.

The ‘thing’ looks like an alternate universe full of galaxies, only visible when pointing a light straight at them.

“The group felt both excitement and fear as we approached the mysterious mass,” Diver Lutfu Tanriover, who captured “the thing” on video, said. Below is the video of the rare encounter:

Scientist speculate that a flying squid called Ommastrephes bartramii could be responsible for the mass.

Whatever it’s, it really captures the imagination. I wonder how much we still don’t know about the oceans.

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