Photo Of Cop Fixing Boy's Bike Goes Viral

A bystander in Shelton, Connecticut, snapped a photo of an officer from the Ansonia Police Department fixing a boy’s bike. After posting the image on Facebook, it immediately went viral.

“I just saw the kids, they needed some help, I helped the kids,” the officer, identified as Michael Castillo told Fox News in the clip below.

Castillo was responding to a report of kids fighting in the area. “I said, ‘Hey, are you guys fighting?’ They said, ‘No we’re friends,’” Castillo said. “Then I saw one of the bikes was broken, and the kid said, ‘My bike is broken,’ so I just got down and fixed it.”

With all the negative news surrounding police officers, its refreshing to see this man in blue taking “Serve and Protect” to a whole new level. Spread the good news on Facebook!

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