The Surprising Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot 5 Minutes Every Day

We come from the earth. Every single cell in our body was formed with earth dust. Our ancestors walked barefoot and their connection to mother nature allowed them to live long, healthy lives, which is not surprising.

Walking barefoot is good because our bodies need that important sense of touch with the earth’s elements that transmit positive energy to our organs.

“This concept of energy flow is nothing new to mankind and can be found in Eastern philosophies and medicine,” notes Daily Nutrition. “The Chinese call this vital energy “chi”, while the Indians call it ‘Prana’. They believe that by stimulating certain points on our body we can affect our health in a positive way by making the energy flow,” they concluded.

Walking barefoot has surprising health benefits. Photo: Provided

The energy flows through the nervous system, which is similar to blood flowing through the bloodstream. When the energy flows, your body recharges. so when we use shows, the organ connected to this energy system is weakened because it doesn’t receive energy. If this is happening on a continual basis, you develop a disease in connection to that organ. That explains a lot, if you think about it.

So, it is essential to find time to walk barefoot in nature. When you walk barefoot, every step you take sends signals to the organs to connect with the natural bioelectrical field of the planet, solving disruptions in the work of hormones, heart failure, memory loss, frequent infections, indigestion, lack of energy, tension and nerve damage. It helps the affected organs recover in the healthiest way possible.

Walking barefoot will let you experience emotions that you haven’t experienced before as you reconnect with Mother Nature and improve the natural intelligence of your body.

Daily Nutrition recommends that “if you decide to walk barefoot make sure to do that every day for at least five minutes and try to increase the time gradually.”

Do you walk barefoot?

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