Here's a Timeline Of What Happens To Your Body After You Drink a Can Of Coca-Cola

We’ve all heard of the wonderful uses of Coca-Cola. It can be used to clean rust metal, toilets, windows, as a gum remover, car battery cleaner and even oil paint remover. Now, when that same can of Coke is poured into the mouth and down the esophagus of a human being, well… only bad things can happen.

In just 60 minutes, a can of Coke takes the body on a roller coaster ride, “taxing the liver, spiking the blood sugar, accelerating the production of bad fat and robbing the body of beneficial nutrients,” notes Natural News.

This is a scary reality. The chemical cocktail that you drink for refreshment is practically killing your metabolism since its acidity level matches the acidity levels of the battery acid. Yikes!

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This stomach lining killing poison is associated with diseases like, cardiac arrest, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, asthma, other life-threatening conditions. It’s especially bad for young children as it interferes with the balanced diet, rather than complementing it.

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Coca-cola is absolutely bad for your body. With 1.6 billion servings of Coke sold worldwide every day, it’s no wonder why heart disease, malnutrition, dehydration, diabetes and obesity are slowly killing people.

Here’s a time table of what happens to your body in the 60 minutes after you drink a can of Coca Cola, as published by Natural News:

After 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar enter the body. That’s 100 percent of a person’s recommended daily intake. A person can only tolerate the extreme sweetness because the teeth-rotting phosphoric acid offsets the sweetness.

After 20 minutes: he blood sugar spikes, causing a burst of insulin. As the fructose runs rampant and goes unabsorbed, the liver goes into overtime, drawing in the sugar molecules and turning them into bad fats.

After 40 minutes: Caffeine absorption maxes out. A person’s blood pressure spikes and their pupils dilate. This spurs the liver to dump more sugar into the bloodstream. Consequentially, the brain’s adenosine receptors are blocked, making the person feel awake.

After 45 Minutes: Dopamine production goes up in the brain, giving the person feelings of pleasure that addict them into wanting more.

By the time you reach 1 hour, the phosphoric acid that has made its way through the system has pulled out vital nutrients from the body. Calcium, magnesium and zinc bind with phosphoric acid in the lower intestine.”

Hopefully you got a broader perspective on Coca-cola. I bet you’ll be drinking WATER instead of Instead of poisonous soda from now on.

After knowing these things about Coca-cola, you might shun it as a drink but still can take benefits from its diverse uses to clean pretty much anything!

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H/T: Natural News

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