Israeli Archaeologists Stumble Upon 'Massive' Biblical Discovery

A recent excavation in Israel has uncovered the historic fortifications and monumental gate of a Biblical-era city called Gath of the Philistines,. Israeli archeologists digging near Jerusalem unearthed the remains of an enormous gate which they believe marked the entrance of the city 1said to be home to the legendary giant Goliath.

The remains of Gath were located in the Judean foothills between Jerusalem and Ashkelon. According to the Bible, this is where the giant biblical warrior was defeated by David, the future king of Israel.

Site of the discovery.Photo: university of israel

Several news outlets picked up the story. According to NBC News “The discovery is part of a two-decade long expedition being led by Professor Aren Maeir of the Ackerman Family Bar-Ilan University Expedition.”

“We knew that Philistine Gath in the 10th to ninth century [B.C.] was a large city, perhaps the largest in the land at that time,” Maeir told Live Science in an email. “These monumental fortifications stress how large and mighty this city was,” he added.

According to The Huffington Post , “the team also found ironworks and a Philistine temple near the monumental gate, with some pottery and other finds typically associated with Philistine culture.”

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