NASA’s Mars Rover Captures Weird ‘Dark Lady’ Watching It From The Top Of a Rock

It has been a busy week for weird extraterrestrial lifeforms on Mars. Just after the internet went bonkers over the photo of a crab-like creature ‘crawling’ out of a cave on the Red Planet, this time NASA spotted an alien figure that looks like ‘woman with breasts and long hair,’ who is ‘watching’ the Mars Curiosity rover from a distance.

The raw image below, taken by Curiosity Rover, has captured the imagination of the internet once again, triggering a surge of excitement and conspiracy theories.

Photo: NASA

“It looks like a woman partly cloaked. By the shadow on its chest, it seems to have breasts,” a reader commented on Facebook.

“It appears to have two arms that are lighter in color and what looks like a head with long hair,” another reader posted.

Whatever it its, alien-lovers have reason to be excited. What do you think this is? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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