Lexus Futuristic Flying Board Is Real, And It Will Blow Your Mind

A few months ago, Car giant Lexus announced the development of a groundbreaking hoverboard. Well, the futuristic gadget is finally here, and it will blow your mind.

Called “Slide,” the futuristic skateboard-like device floats a few inches above the ground, opening the door to an exciting future in personal travel. When the company first teased Slide back on Jun, it was immediately dismissed as a fake and a marketing stunt. Lexus promised proof, and that proof is here.

To pull off this seemingly impossible feat, the thing contains a series of magnets and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen.The levitation effect of supercooled superconductors has been known for ages now The board is real, and it is mind-blowing. Watch:

While the board seems to have some limitations, requiring liquid nitrogen refills every 10 minutes or so, many believe this groundbreaking feat could lead to future flying cars.

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