NASA Mystified By Mysterious Pyramid And Bright Lights On Dwarf Planet's Surface

NASA has certainly been busy recently. Just this month, the U.S. space agency has released pictures of what was thought to be crab-looking creature crawling out of a cave on Mars, and the image of a mysterious ‘dark lady’ standing over a martian rock. Now they have discovered a mysterious ‘pyramid’ on dwarf planet Ceres.

The agency’s latest photos of Ceres show multiple bright spots — and a “pyramid-shaped peak towering over a relatively flat landscape.” The new images of Ceres are the clearest ever taken, but NASA’s scientists still haven’t figured out the enigmatic dwarf planet. It is thought the pyramid is about four miles high. They also discovered mysterious bright spots on the surface that look like artificial light.

Bright lights and a pyramid have been discovered on the surface of Ceres. Photo: NASA

Ceres and its bright spots “continue to mystify,” NASA scientists said.

The view captured by the Dawn spacecraft this month reveals that this dwarf planet “has more in common with Earth and Mars than its rocky neighbors,” the agency has said.

The video below, compiled from detailed photographs taken by the Dawn Probe, creates 3D images from the planet Ceres, which lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The puzzling images of Ceres, and the public’s fascination with a dwarf planet, have prompted NASA to hold a public vote on possible answers.

This image of the Mars Rover reveals what appears to be a perfect pyramid on Mars. Photo: NASA

What do you think about these pyramids on Mars and Ceres?

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