These Problems On Your Face Indicate Problems With Your Health

Could your face reveal the secrets to what’s going on inside your body? According to doctors, yes. Your face is a road map of your mind –– it shows your personality, and your health.

When doctors chat with patients eye to eye, it’s not just about creating rapport. Certain facial traits may reveal vital clues to underlying health conditions. We asked doctors around the country to share what they look for while examining patients. The most important tip we took away: You should worry most about a change in appearance.

This concept is not new. According to ancient Chinese medicine, it’s your skin that shows the first signs of health issues and disease on specific body organs.

The different parts of your face reveals the status of your health. Those parts also correlate with different organs of the body and their healthiness. Learn how you can use this ancient practice to uncover clues about your health.

If you have noticed any of this signs or changes on your face, here is what the cause might be:

Forehead – Small intestine and bladder

Changes: Oily skin and acne

Causes: High calorie diet comprising oily foods and sugars, which trigger poor digestion, along with excessive alcohol intake and stress.

Cheeks – Kidneys and lungs

Changes: Acne, spots, paleness.

Causes: Excessive sugar intake, smoking, fast food, too much stress.

Between the eye brows – Liver

Changes: Oily skin and acne

Causes: Poor digestion, too much red meat, or allergy to some ingredients from the food you eat.

Eyes and under the eyes – Kidneys

Changes: Dark skin, swelling, capillaries, greyness.

Causes: Poor blood circulation, irregular heartbeat, smoking.

Nose – Heart

Changes: Oily skin, acne, spots.

Causes: Air pollution, poor circulation, hypertension, flatulence, gases, spending too much time indoors.

Lips and chin – Stomach

Changes: Skin paleness, acne, dark spots

Causes: Too much fattening food, caffeine and alcohol, excessive sugar intake, sleep deprivation, stress.

Remember, these are only signals that MAY occur, and not for certain health conditions. Check with your doctor if you suspect problems.

H/T: Just Natural Life, Of Spirit, Men’s Health.

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