U.S. Defense Department Releases This Photo, Sends Shockwaves Of Fear Across The Internet

The internet is freaking out about a recent photo showing 48 US B-61 nuclear bombs. These warheads have a combined power of 16,320 tons of TNT, capable of erasing 30 million people in an instant, plus 50 million more would be injured from the blast. But with the U.S. superior targeting capabilities, these numbers may be low.

The photo and its description has freaked out many internet denizens who don’t see the need for such powerful weapons. As noted by Vice News, “this is the reason why defense work should not be for the fainted-hearted. A defense geek who can’t cope with death and destruction, is like a surgeon who can’t stand the sight of blood.”

For as long as terrorists and fascist regimes are calling for destruction of America and its allies, the U.S. is not going to give out its nuclear weapons,  even if everyone else does. So a nuclear free world is not only impossible, but attempts to get there would be incredibly risky.

So, while I don’t advocate for weapons of mass destruction, I believe that having enough firepower to scare your enemies is a more peaceful solution than having nothing to challenge them.

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H/T: Vice News

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