Did Russia Shoot Down Malaysian Flight MH17? Missile Parts Found At Crash Site Triggers UN Probe

When a Malaysian plane carrying 298 people crashed in the Ukraine last year, Russian government officials called an accident. But many witnesses claimed that flight HM17 was brought down by a missile. Now parts of suspected Russian missile have been discovered at the site of the crash in eastern Ukraine, reported Vice News.

The fragments were found during a Dutch recovery missions to the site of the crash – and weapons and forensic experts will now be enlisted to further investigate the suspected missile parts, the report says.

“It is the first time that physical evidence has been found to prove that a missile was used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines plane,” Dutch prosecutors said during the announcement on Tuesday, saying the parts, possibly from a Buk surface-to-air system are of Russian origin,” according to the report. Russia deny any responsibility, in turn blaming the Ukrainian military for the fatal crash.

Investigators inspect the crash site. Photo: AP

Last month Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council Resolution that would have created a tribunal to prosecute and punish anyone found responsible. That move makes this new finding even more suspicious.

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H/T: Vice News

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