Their Pregnancy Video Went Viral. Now Plead To 'Follow Jesus' In Miscarriage Video

Just a week ago, the internet couldn’t contain its excitement over these vloggers unusual pregnancy announcement video.  The clip went viral, racking over 12 million views on Youtube alone. Unfortunately, the excitement was  cut short after the Christian couple released a new video with devastating news.

The husband, Sam Rader, a registered nurse and wedding photographer supporting a family of four in Terrell, Texas, with his wife, Nia, found out that his wife, Nia, was pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test from her urine sample. Once discovering this, he had a staged a surprise announcement in front of her and their two children that they were going to have another child, and captured the exciting moment all on video.

Two days ago, the Raders uploaded a follow-up video titled: “Our Baby Had A Heartbeat” in which they announced that Nia had miscarried. They also called their fans to follow Jesus.

Sam and Nia Rader talk to their followers. Photo: Video Frame

This tragic event, to this couple, was a sign of ” the power of God, and how many of their followers need Christ in their lives,” Sam said.

“We’re so hurt but we’re so thankful that God used us like this,” Sam says, as the couple appears to choke back tears.

Watch the emotional follow-up video below:

Supporters of the couple are calling for prayers in this difficult time. But the accelerated timeline of viral pregnancy announcement, miscarriage video, and sudden career change has raised eyebrows among critics who doubt their story.

“This feels extremely artificial,” reads one YouTube comment with more than 800 upvotes.

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