This Puppy Was On Death Row For Being Sick. Watch Her Incredible Transformation

Published on Aug 11, 2015

This poor puppy, named Kristy, was on death row in a shelter for being too sick. But a chance encounter with vets from Vet Ranch, totally transformed her and saved her life.

Kristy, was living in a shelter on death row before Vet Ranch stepped in to treat her. They found her suffering from severe mange. But with tender care and lots of love from Dr. Karri McCreary, Kristy made a stunning recovery in a just eight weeks. It’s unclear exactly when Kristy arrived at the facility, but Vet Ranch uploaded the video of her story last month and it already has over 1 million views.

According to the video description, Vet Ranch, a nonprofit organization based in Texas, specializes in delivering medical care and assistance to sick and/or homeless animals.

If you love dogs, the incredible transformation will bring a smile to your face

She’s a whole new pup now! Please share if this touching video put a smile on your face.

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