Airlines To Start Weighting Passengers Before Boarding

Passengers beware. According to these airlines, a trip in flight will also involve a trip to the scale as another airline has announced it will start weighing

In a move that will make you say, ‘Oh, no they didn’t,’ Uzbekistan Airways has announced that it will begin pre-flight weighing of passengers on upcoming trips.

“The new measure was part of a new safety drive to work out the average weight of the passengers’” Uzbekistan Airways told CNBC News.

After completing check-in, passengers will go through a “special weighing machine” near the departure gate zone. This procedure will take place “in order to determine the average weight of passengers,“ According to a statement from the airline, which is also exploring the possibility of an overweight fee applicable to ‘heavy passengers.’

The record of passenger weights will remain anonymous, according to the airline.

Another airline, Samoa Air, already began charging passengers by their weight.

It’s not uncommon for an airline to weigh baggage before a flight, but one airline is taking things a step further by weighing passengers, don’t you think?

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